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Finding Catalonia – Part One: Discovery

I’m not particularly well-travelled but I have ventured to several countries around the globe; I’ve travelled to the edge of the Amazon rainforest in my wife’s home country of Brazil, walked the sands of Egypt, and stopped off at

How We Develop Software with Maximum Efficiency & Minimal Interruptions

DevOps refers to the practice of unifying software development with software operations and, in this series, I’ll look to explain how we utilise its characteristics to develop and deploy software with maximum efficiency and minimal i

Our Company Values: Q & A

Our company values influence everything that we do, from the way we work with our clients, to how we spend our time outside of work hours. We sat down with Mobile First’s Founder, Lee Higgins, to find out a little more. You share

We Are: Happy Coders

Here at Mobile First, we pride ourselves on being happy coders. Whilst we encourage experimentation, we also recognise that sometimes it’s best to follow our very own tried-and-tested guidelines in order to achieve the best res

MVVM, Android Architecture and Data Binding

MVVM, Android Architecture and Data Binding

We Are Mobile First

We are Mobile First, a digital product agency. Founded in 2016, we make it our mission to help grow and transform businesses in a mobile-first world. Whether you’re looking to redefine the way an entire industry operates or wanting t

We Are: Christian Aranda, Mobile First Engineer

How did you start your career? I first started in the industry as a Programmer, before becoming a Hybrid Programmer / Project Manager. During that period of my life, I travelled a lot and lived around the world. I then moved back and b

We Are: Nerea Cots Sánchez, Mobile First Engineer

How did you start your career? Whilst in the last year of my degree, I found myself really interested in Android development. I started to study it independently, working on a couple of personal projects, and this research went on to i

We Are: Ramiro Velasco, Business Manager

How did you start your career? Initially, I studied Business with a focus on marketing and finance. I then worked for multiple multinational corporations, in various markets, where I met some of my first business mentors and learned al

We Are: Fidel Montesino, Mobile First Engineer

How did you start your career? Whilst at Pompeu Fabra University, studying a five-year degree in Computer Engineering, I worked for a web services company learning PHP. After seven years of web development, I switched to Android in 201

We Are: Lee Higgins, Founder Engineer

How did you start your career? I started my career a long time ago in a galaxy far far away……When I was a kid, in the late 1980s / early 1990s, my father got tired of me constantly asking for computer games. He introduced me to AMO