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Value Loops’ Food Waste Hackathon, Barcelona

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We Are: Francesco Deliro, Mobile First Engineer

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Job Post: iOS or Android Developer

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How Going Mobile First Will Help Your Business

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Why I Moved From London to Barcelona to Start My Digital Product Agency

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We Are: Happy Coders

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MVVM, Android Architecture and Data Binding

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We Are Mobile First

Find out a little more about us.

We Are: Christian Aranda, Mobile First Engineer

From his interest in environmental issues to his love of sport, find out more about Christian.

We Are: Nerea Cots Sánchez, Mobile First Engineer

From her future goals to her favourite pastry shop, find out more about Nerea.

We Are: Ramiro Velasco, Business Manager

From his minimalist lifestyle to his adventurous spirit, find out more about Ramiro.

We Are: Fidel Montesino, Mobile First Engineer

From his love of heavy metal music to his quest for knowledge, find out more about Fidel.

We Are: Lee Higgins, Founder Engineer

From his love of motorbike track days to his extensive CV, find out more about Lee.