Mobile First with

When Inshur came to us with a vision of modernising the New York rideshare insurance space, we quickly realised we had a perfect customer on our hands.

It was obvious that they were a forward-thinking startup that had identified a marketplace and business idea, and that this idea could completely revamp and streamline complex existing processes.

The rise of app-based taxi services, like Uber and Lyft, mean that taxi drivers had in effect become mobile-first operators connected to their mobile get their next job. That made them a target market who are mobile receptive and, on the other side, an insurance industry struggling evolve and shake off a legacy of manual, paper or spreadsheet-based operations. This was a fantastic opportunity.

After gathering the business requirements, and learning lots about the exciting in and outs of how insurance works (!), we started a design iteration and quickly transitioned into the development of an MVP.  New York taxi regulations had inadvertently set us a deadline to meet, so it was a race against the clock.

The result is an app that means drivers can get insured within minutes, as opposed to having to take the day off, fill out paperwork and talk face to face with a human!! The record for a customer on the app to have moved through the process of requesting a quote, reviewing it and buying a policy is currently 171 seconds – not too shabby, eh?!

The resulting app is a true testament to how mobile-first thinking can transform a business. Not only is the customer delighted with the ease of use, but the business gets all the things that come along with mobile as standard, such as customer insightsAnd it’s not just us who think so – a recent driver survey has proven that the app and mobile-first approach is popular with drivers.

We loved this project. We’re always looking for projects that support the values behind our business, and Inshur is a great example of how we can support apps beyond MVP. Today, we’re entering a 3rd phase of development, and there are exciting features just over the horizon.