We Are: Albert Miró, Android Developer

From his background in Computer Science to his many side projects, find out more about Albert.
Albert Miró
Albert Miró
August 7, 2018
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How did you start your career?

I studied Computer Science at UPC and whilst I was there, as part of my final project, I created an Augmented Reality system for Android. It was my first experience of both Android and AR so it was quite the challenge! Around the same time, I began working for Pangea Reality as an Android and Unity 3D developer which gave me the opportunity to learn more about that area of specialism.

I also learned a lot about working as a team, learning to embrace changes and organisational challenges as they arose in order to encourage good levels of communication across the board.

I now find myself in a developer role at We Are Mobile First.

What do you like about being part of the Mobile First team so far?

I have only been here for a few weeks but I instantly felt like a member of the team which is awesome! There are some great examples of positive company culture here. For instance, we utilize healthy working practices, embrace teamwork, have flexible work hours and we also have the option to work remotely if we need to!

I’m also thoroughly enjoying the internal NERF battles between the Android and iOS teams. If someone suggests that one is better than the other, you best be prepared for a NERF war!

What do you love about Barcelona?

Barcelona is a big city so I love the little hideaways that make it feel a lot smaller, from Parc de la Ciutadella to Turo Parc, Gracia (which feels like a little village) to walks into the city centre.  I sometimes like to take my scooter along for the ride so I can dart round the bustling city streets.

I also love walking to near the beach so I can see the sea and hear the waves crashing or maybe even go for a little paddle surf.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like to keep myself relatively busy, whether that’s with side projects or my various active hobbies.  

I’m currently working on a handful of side projects, from creating a game with my friends using Unity3D to planning a few apps with a colleague. I’m also planning on releasing my first Amazon Alexa skill. So, as you can probably tell, I like to monopolise on my spare time and use it to transform my ideas into reality. I like learning about new technologies and skills that encourage me to consistently improve. You can find more information about some of my projects on my personal website.

It’s not all work and no play, however! I also love nature and I can often be found trekking up the mountain to take photographs. Photography is one of my biggest passions! I also like watching TV shows and films, spending quality time with my friends and family, baking cakes and cookies, cooking, cycling, nordic skiing, and playing paddle.

My spare time, whilst it may seem a little busy, helps me to disconnect from the more chaotic elements of life.


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