Assistance White Label App

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When this particular client came to us with a vision of creating an assistance white label app, we realised that it had mobile-first potential which, if developed effectively, could unlock untapped potential within the entire industry. We worked to create an app that was both functional and user-friendly, without compromising on design.

After researching and assessing competitors’ apps, we found that most of them were done to a low standard – with much less focus on UX. These insurance assistance apps were asking the right questions but in entirely the wrong order, filtering what type of assistance the user required before even asking for their location.

Using our veteran knowledge of mobile first technology and our focus on usability, we were able to create an app that asked the most important question first: Where are you?. This was, for us, the primary focus and starting line as the app was location-based. By asking the user where they were, prior to what they needed, we were able to speed up the process, by giving the location element a chance to warm up and locate the user before connecting them to the relevant information. By switching the calls to action, users were able to quickly find assistance and services local to them, based on both their insurance policies and their current location. This was a much more efficient way of doing business.

The design, as a result, was much sleeker, as we were able to do away with the initial modal screens full of big buttons that asked users to choose what assistance they needed help with – car, travel, health, etc. As it was a white label app, however, the client would then go on to re-brand it before it was available to users. Whilst the functionality of an app is paramount, branding can also make or break it. We would advise that you never underestimate the importance of the aesthetic stage of development. One of the downsides, perhaps, to working on white label projects is that the rebrands can often be completely out of the developers’ hands, and some rebrands are better than others…

As you can see, going mobile first can not only revolutionize the way your company does business but how the entire industry does too. If you’re looking to go mobile with your brand, we’d love to help! Get in touch: