First Impressions of We Are Mobile First

A quick catch up with our newest recruit, Francesco.
Francesco Deliro
Francesco Deliro
July 6, 2018

As you may already know, we recently welcomed a new team member.  

In the interests of getting to know him a little better, we thought we’d ask Francesco all about the qualities that drew him to We Are Mobile First and get his first impressions on his first few weeks here.  


One of the most important things when you start a new stage in your career, especially as a developer, is undoubtedly establishing welcoming and healthy working relationships with your fellow team members.

I have worked as an iOS Developer in several digital agencies over the past three years so I know how essential it is to feel included from day one. Thankfully, I was offered a warm welcome on my first day in the We Are Mobile First office and I was soon given the opportunity to share my ideas with the rest of the team.

Smells like team spirit…

You can tell a lot about a team from the way they interact with one another.

Interestingly, I arrived just as one of the long-term developers, Fidel, was leaving to embark on a new adventure. Whilst I had only known him for a couple of weeks, along with everyone else, he immediately made me feel like an important part of the team. I would, thus, like to dedicate this post to him.

Seeing the love and affection everyone had for Fidel when saying goodbye made me feel confident in my choice to join We Are Mobile First. Their decision to keep him on as an honorary member of the team also made me feel incredibly proud.

We Are Mobile First but, first and foremost, we are a team.

Office Culture

Communication is key in an office environment. It’s common for people to hold different views or have different ways of thinking. However, when you promote healthy and honest discussion, right from the start, you’re able to solve problems swiftly whilst still being respectful of individual working methods.

One of the things that I respect most about We Are Mobile First is that everyone is given the opportunity to equally participate in the decision-making process in order to achieve our shared common goals. This method is something that I greatly appreciated during my first couple of weeks as it helped me to integrate seamlessly.  

Work Approach

Here at We Are Mobile First, we adopt specific coding practices and follow set guidelines in order to maintain a clear project structure across the board.

We hold meetings every day and we regularly discuss how we could possibly improve upon existing products. We also maintain the same structure, and use the same architecture, for both Android and iOS projects. Relying on the same design patterns and naming conventions also helps us to keep everything organised.

This tried-and-tested method is ideal for newbies like myself as it helps make everything clear and easy to follow. The constructive criticism that we give one another during the code review process is also something I appreciate as a developer as it encourages me to improve upon my existing skills as well as seek out new areas of knowledge.


The aforementioned qualities, from making a great first impression to maintaining a healthy approach to work, are just some of the reasons as to why I’ve enjoyed my first few weeks here at We Are Mobile First. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes us.

If you’d like to get to know me a little better, you can head over to my profile.

Alternatively, if you’re an iOS or Android developer, and you think you might be a good fit, why not apply to join the team?!