Our Company Policies

How we encourage, support and celebrate our team members.
Ramiro Velasco
Ramiro Velasco
June 8, 2018

We’ve previously shared how our company values ​​influence everything that we do, from the way we work with our clients to how we spend our time outside of work hours. Our company policies work in a very similar way.

Company policies can be broad and sometimes complex but, in a basic sense, they’re the principles that a company, and all of its employees, commits to comply with. They’re also a great way for companies to maintain a strong sense of what they’re all about and what they stand for.

We firmly believe that teamwork is the basis of our success and that by creating policies which support and celebrate our employees, we are able to stay motivated, committed and productive. This focus also attracts and retains talent and influences sustained growth.

In this post, we’ll look to outline a selection of our policies in order to help you understand more about us as a company.

We share 10% of the company profits.

It’s important to us that each member of the team feels directly involved and responsible for the success, and subsequent growth, of the company.

By sharing 10% of our profits with our employees, we are able to encourage such levels of commitment and, as a result, see positive productivity levels and improved teamwork, as the more each team member contributes, the more they can earn.

We offer an extra yearly bonus.

We offer a yearly bonus to individuals who we feel have developed and performed well professionally, as a way of recognising the talent and contribution of our team members.

We look at productivity levels, leadership qualities and innovative thinking when considering who deserves an extra annual bonus.

We give our employees private health care.

Health is one of our main focuses.

By giving private medical and dental insurance to our employees, we are giving them peace of mind and reiterating just how important their well-being is to the company.  

We have flexible working hours.

Perfecting the work/life balance is an effective way to make employees feel valued and respected so we offer flexible work hours and the option to work from home when necessary.

Allowing team members to work from home is a great way to encourage them to recharge, be more present in their family life, be available when any unexpected issues arise in their personal life and it also helps them save the time and money that is usually spent when commuting.

We believe we all deserve a little more time to dedicate to ourselves.

We offer 23 working days holiday.

Our team members get 23 working days of holiday per year and they can choose when they take them – no designated holiday periods here!

This gives our employees the freedom and flexibility to, again, find the perfect work/life balance.

We give you a day off on your birthday.

We give each of our employees a day off to celebrate their birthday, whether that’s by holding a gathering with friends and family or by taking some time out for themselves.

There’s always the option to celebrate your birthday with the team the day before, so no one misses out on good cake…

We encourage social activity outside of the workplace.

We operate as a family, here at We Are Mobile First, and we work on nurturing this relationship by holding regular social activities outside of the office.

For instance, we hold a monthly employee lunch where we can all get to know one another better, over a delicious meal, and discuss topics unrelated to our work. We also organise after work celebrations – some planned, others more spontaneous. Employees are welcome to bring ideas for social activities to the table so that everyone feels included and represented.

Sport and exercise, in general, are also activities that we actively encourage as they’re excellent for maintaining a functioning mind and body. We also promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle for its stress-busting qualities and that’s why each of our employees is given a free gym membership.

We focus on team building.

Collaboration, in our opinion, is key. Therefore, each semester we tackle a team building exercise designed to help strengthen our relationships and communication skills.

Strong teams, we believe, are built on trust, knowledge, and the shared belief in a common goal. Team building exercises allow us to put each of these qualities in perspective.

The activities are suggested by team members, in order to be respectful of each individual’s ideas and to encourage participation. Escape rooms, paintball, camping, skiing and hiking are just some of the ideas that have been put forward during our brainstorming sessions.

We offer 1 day per month for personal development.

Each team member has a wealth of knowledge, ideas and passion, so we dedicate one day per month to personal development – whether that refers to working on individual projects, further learning, or projects that involve the entire team.

The pool of talent that our company has to offer is after all our biggest asset. It’s, thus, important to nurture it. Development days also help us to change up the routine and, in turn, stay motivated.

We Are Mobile First.

It is not just a catchy name. It’s a big part of our core belief system, and focus, and it’s a message that influences every single one of our work projects.

We encourage each of our team members to keep abreast of industry pivots and constantly be learning new things in order to continually offer the best experience to our clients.


If you’re intrigued by our company policies, and feel like they’d be a perfect fit for you, why not join our team? We’re currently hiring iOS or Android developers.

Or, alternatively, if you like the sound of what we do, why not let us help you take your brand mobile first? Get in touch: hi@wearemobilefirst.com.