Things To Consider When Picking An App Developer

A selection of things you can take into consideration.
Lee Higgins
Lee Higgins
July 13, 2018

With a multitude of app developers out there, it can feel pretty overwhelming when it comes to picking one to trust with your concept. There are, however, things that you can take into consideration in order to simplify the process. In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the App Store, we have put together a selection of things to consider when picking an app developer.

Before you get started on your quest, however, you need to make sure that you’ve got the following things covered…

Pre-development stage checklist:

Have you thought about the requirements?

Make sure you know what you’re looking for in an app before going forward. Consider things like your target audience, your desired platforms and the app’s call to action. Think about what features and functions that you’d like to be part of the build.

You don’t need to have everything meticulously planned, as things can change during the development process and it’s important to keep an open mind, but it’s beneficial to go into the process with a clear end-goal in mind.

Does your app need to be made?

If you’re creating an app, it needs to have a purpose. You can’t just take your responsive website, put it in an ‘app container’ and think it’s all done and dusted.

An app, equally, isn’t necessarily ‘good’ because it’s original. You might be onto a winner, sure, but sometimes apps don’t already exist because, whilst they may seem exciting on paper, they don’t make functional sense as an app.

Do your research, poll your target audience and work out whether you can do your idea justice.

Have you kept things simple?

One of the most common misconceptions about app development is that you need to have a hundred and one different features upon release in the App Store in order to get noticed. In the words of our newly-departed, yet eternally-loved, Fidel, ‘Keep it simple, stupid!’.

Start small, focus on your MVP and build from there before entering into the development process.

App developers, such as ourselves, can help you with updates and additional features post-release. Look at the way the most popular apps release new features over time. You don’t need to go in with all guns blazing!

Are you ready to progress to the next stage?

During the adrenaline-filled ideas stage, it can be tempting to jump the gun and seek out developers before you’re actually ready. Once you’ve worked out whether or not your app is clearly conceptualized, you need work out whether it’s logistically viable.

Can you cover the development costs? Have you done all of the appropriate research? Do you have the hours needed to search for the right developer at this moment in time?

Once you’ve ticked off all of the aforementioned steps, you should be a lot closer to moving onto the next stage of the process: finding the right developer for you.

Now that you’re ready…

Are they invested in you too?

Any app development company worthy of your investment will also be invested in you and your business.

Look for developers who will use their extensive knowledge and experience of the industry to guide you in the right direction. Any legitimate company, with a history of client work under their belt, will be able to tell you what things work and what things don’t when it comes to the App Store.

Make sure you listen to this advice. They could be saving you a lot of time and money.

Can you build and maintain a long-lasting working relationship?

App development is rarely a one-time thing.

You may want to work on updates or create new apps in the future, so it’s important to build a healthy working relationship with your chosen developers.  

Do you like what they stand for and the way that they work? Have they got their priorities straight? Do they communicate well? These are all things to take into consideration.

What experience do they have and what does their portfolio include?

Make sure you take a look at portfolios when you’re picking an app developer. Have they created apps on a similar level to yours or within a similar niche?

If you’re serious about choosing a particular developer, take time to test their existing apps. Remember to look beyond the aesthetics and think about things like usability and functionality.

If their existing body of work appeals to you, you may have found the perfect fit!

Do you like their development cycle and working practices?

If you’re wanting to work harmoniously, you need to consider the development cycle and working practices of potential developers.

If you’re looking to be kept in the loop throughout, and want to ensure that there’s a good level of assessment during the process, search for developers who implement said qualities into their development cycle.

Here at We Are Mobile First, for example, we follow an Agile methodology, meaning that we are quick to respond to both project and industry pivots as we regularly assess our progress. By keeping abreast of changes, we ensure good quality and efficiency.

What does their post deployment support look like?

If you’re looking for ongoing technical support post-deployment, make sure you note that down as a priority when looking for a development team.

Look for development teams who will jump onboard for the duration of the app’s lifecycle so that you always have someone that you trust to call upon when any bugs or issues arise. This is an important factor to consider if you plan on releasing updates at a later date too.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the end user experience.

Is it a worthwhile investment?

If a company is quoting you a price that seems too good to be true, it often will be. Cutting costs often cuts quality.

Apps take a lot longer than websites and require a lot more time and effort so they tend to cost more. If you’re only going to invest a minimal amount in the build, don’t expect to be bathing in billions once the app has been released!

Whilst you need to ensure that you can cover the costs of the development of your app, you shouldn’t pick developers on their price point alone. Prioritise skills, experience and knowledge and work your budget around them.  


You’re ideally looking to find a team of developers who will keep you informed throughout the development process, from the initial concept to the programming, from the testing stage to the finished product.

If you’re looking for an app development company with a wealth of experience and passion for iterative development, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you need us to help you change the face of the commercial car insurance industry or you need us to help you create software that will accompany a global megastar around the world, we are here for you.

Find out more about us and meet our team before sending us an email at: We look forward to hearing from you!


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