What Inspires Our App Developers?

Find out what motivates the newer members of our team.
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Mobile First
November 29, 2018

We’ve welcomed several new team members since we shared our post on the things that inspire us so we thought it was only fair that we gave the newbies a platform to share their inspirations too.

From working on side projects in their spare time to aiding budding startups, this lot pull from a wealth of inspiration when it comes to their work.

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Albert Miró, Android Developer

‘You need exposure to inspiration on a daily basis, in my opinion, in order to prevent yourself from falling into a mundane daily routine. I take inspiration from various sources.

I find the workplace to be an important source of inspiration, for example, as it’s where I spend most of my day. If you aren’t happy in your current working environment, you need to consider making some changes! I’m really glad that I have the opportunity to work with such an amazing team here at We Are Mobile First. We are always encouraging one another to improve and go above and beyond. The monthly team lunches are also a great way of picking up even further inspiration too!

Outside of the office, I am also inspired by the various side projects that I work on with my good friends. These projects are typically grounded in alternate areas of software development, allowing me to build upon my skills outside of the workplace and thus giving me the opportunity to experiment with different technologies and approaches before arriving at the desired solution.

As you may know, if you’ve read my guide to networking for developers, I like to attend regular meet-ups. These meet-ups are another source of inspiration for me as they present me with the opportunity to share knowledge and meet fellow developers, giving me an insight into how other companies work and what approaches work best for them.

In terms of Android experts that I look up to, there’s Antonia Leiva, Florina Muntenescu, Ian Lake, Roman Nurik and Nick Butcher to name just a few!'

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Francesco Deliro, iOS Developer

‘I appreciate and admire humble people. I agree with those who say that a true leader is someone who makes the members of his team feel good, who enhances their skills and allows them to grow and improve. Here at We Are Mobile First, I have the good fortune to operate as part of a united and capable team where everyone’s ideas are welcomed and discussed on an equal footing. That’s a great motivator!

I think that the open-source world (StackOverflow, GitHub, etc) is a great source of inspiration; I love the fact that it’s a community full of passionate people that want to collaborate and share code in order to help one another achieve great things. I’m also a member of the Italy Swift User Group – a Facebook group that brings together the best Italian developers. They organise many initiatives and also host a Slack channel that consistently offers everyone excellent opportunities to grow professionally.

Among the people who inspire me are my past and present colleagues whom I have learned a great deal from. I learn something new every day from people, like myself,  who have left their comfort zone to pursue their dreams.

Finally, I have to mention the PointFree guys. I love their videos and their attitude!’.

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David Franquet, Android Developer

‘I am inspired by big companies like Google and Apple that have excelled whilst still maintaining good working conditions and a positive work environment. Alternatively, I’m also inspired by startups and the courageous people that launch them and work hard to compete with bigger companies. I love having the opportunity to be an active part of that growth progression too.

The work environment is possibly my most important source of inspiration as it helps me to develop and reach my full potential when it comes to evolving professionally. I’m fortunate enough to work with a great team full of talented individuals who inspire me every day. Our bond helps us to maintain motivation as we operate as a family as opposed to just co-workers, all thanks to the emphasis that we put on teambuilding.

Outside of the company, I’m inspired by Android experts like Jake Warthon, Florina Muntenescu, Romain Nurik, Chris Banes, Antonio Leiva (Kotlin )  and Lars Vogel; I learned all about Android development from the latter at the beginning of my career!’


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