App Development: 6 Misconceptions About Developing Apps

Time for some app development myth-busting!
Mobile First
Mobile First
October 10, 2019

As seasoned developers, it’s safe to say we’ve come into contact with a wealth of misinformation where developing apps is concerned. In the interests of myth-busting, let’s take a look at some of the common misconceptions about app development. 

Misconception #1: Apps are carbon copies of websites. 

If you’re creating an app, it needs to have a purpose. You can’t simply put your website into an ‘app container’ and think your work is done. 

Before picking an app developer, you need to consider the added value that you could give your users by building an app in the first place. 

What specific function would it perform? What could it offer that your website can’t?

Misconception #2: Apps need to be elaborate.

Whilst apps need to have a purpose, you don’t need to wander into the realms of fantasy to design it nor do you need to launch it with all guns blazing. 

Start small, focus on your MVP and work from there!

Look at the way some of the most successful apps release new features over time. Don’t be afraid to build on humble beginnings. A slower process will help you to appreciate your niche and, as a result, build appropriate features. 

Misconception #3: Apps cost the same as websites.

App development is often more complex, requiring more time and effort, and, as such, apps tend to cost more to create. 

If you aren’t prepared to invest money in the initial iteration, don’t expect to be bathing in billions once the app has been deployed and released to the public. 

Invest money in the right areas, governed by your own research, and you’ll be able to create an app that meets the ever-changing needs of your users.

Misconception #4: Apps based on original ideas equal instant success.

You might be on to a winner, sure, but sometimes apps don’t already exist because, whilst they may seem innovative and exciting on paper, they don’t make a whole lot of functional sense. 

If you’re worried your app is a little too out there, do some market research. If people aren’t grasping your long-winded explanations, or don’t really see a point to the app in the first place, you may want to go back to the drawing board. 

Look at what value each feature provides users to determine whether or not they’re worth keeping. 

Misconception #5: Apps don’t need to be cross-platform. 

As much as you may personally favour one platform over another, it doesn’t make much business sense to restrict your app to one platform. 

In the IDC’s 2019 Smartphone Market Share survey, Samsung, Huawei and Apple held the top three spots selling 71.9m, 59.1m and 36.9m units respectively. 

Whilst Android has grown in favour over the last few years, can you afford to alienate one platform over another? 

Building for cross-platform apps, however, does require a great deal more appreciation for the platforms on an individual level. Take your time to really understand the process and its requirements and you’ll be able to build an app that thrives because of its cross-platform usability and not in spite of it. 

Misconception #6: App development is a one-time thing. 

If you’re looking for consistent growth, you’ll do well to remember that the development process doesn’t end following the launch of your app. 

Focus on building a strong relationship with your app developer of choice because their expertise will extend your app’s lifecycle exponentially. Take time to peruse user reviews and ratings for updates that can be made and bugfixes that require attention. 

Let your app grow with the needs and desires of your users and you’ll be all the better for it.  

In conclusion…

Developing an app for your business requires considerable amounts of time and effort so you should invest in a reliable app development company that can guide you through the whole process. 

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